Pet Care Specialists provides unsurpassed pet grooming & bathing services combined with the utmost in convenience to the pet parent.

All Pet Care Specialists groomers are graduates from state licensed grooming academies. They are trained in state-of-the-art methods for both grooming and handling of companion animals utilizing the most modern equipment and products available. This training assures that your companion animal will have a unique and unsurpassed grooming experience at Pet Care Specialists Grooming Salons.

Pet Care Specialists has created a user friendly environment not only for our guests but for our stylists and bathers as well. Each salon features height adjustable stainless steel grooming tables and stainless steel bathing tubs along with a therapeutic bathing system resulting in a relaxing experience for your pet. Our salons also utilize stainless steel guest suites to assure you, the pet parent that your companion animal is in a sanitized environment. In addition, each Pet Care Specialists salon features a clean-air environment with air purifiers, a central vacuum system and integrated vacuum clippers that accumulate the cut animal hair and dander. All these features combined guarantees the Pet Guest a healthy and relaxing experience.

Additional caring and services provided by Pet Care Specialists include the maintenance of a health history record for every pet guest and styling specifications for each pet to assure consistency of care on every visit.

To assure the continued safety of pets in our care, a closed-circuit monitoring system will observe the animals at all times assuring the safe and compassionate care of every companion animal.

Pet Care Specialists Grooming Salons are located in Wal-Mart and are highly visible to all traffic in the stores. The convenience of bringing your pet through our private entrance will allow our pet parents the opportunity to do multi-task shopping and never leave the Wal-Mart parking lot. Convenience, professional services, and outstanding value is what Pet Care Specialists can offer to you.